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ExpertQS, run by Gary Bushell, offers a variety of quantity surveying services, including expert witness quantity surveyor services and expert adviser services, all of which can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual client and are strictly confidential in nature.

Gary has extensive experience acting as a professional expert witness quantity surveyor and dispute resolver. If you have a building or construction dispute involving cost or quantum, then ring Gary on 07989 503707 or email him on

Being regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, ExpertQS is bound by their ethical standards. Behaving ethically goes to the heart of what it means to be a professional. The RICS ethical standards are:

  1. Act in a way that promotes trust in the profession.
  2. Act with integrity.
  3. Take responsibility.
  4. Always provide a high standard of service.
  5. Treat others with respect.

As an accredited member of The Academy of Experts, Gary practices and acts in accordance with its Codes of Practice for Experts, which sets out the minimum standards of practice that should be maintained by all experts. These include:

  1. Maintain independence, impartiality, objectivity and integrity.
  2. An expert’s primary duty is to the Court or tribunal.
  3. Maintain proper standard of work.
  4. Maintain confidentiality.
  5. Avoid conflict of interests.

Gary provides expert witness quantity surveyor services, expert adviser quantity surveying services, quantity surveying services and project management services, dispute resolution services, and Expert Determination.

  • Expert services
    • Gary is an experienced and qualified expert witness quantity surveyor acting as party appointed expert (acting for one party); single joint expert (acting for more than one party) and expert adviser (advising a single party). Gary’s reports are based on The Academy of Experts Model Form of Expert’s Report and he complies with the Civil or Criminal Procedure Rules and Practice Directions. Gary is accredited Member 2812 of The Academy of Experts and Member 436 of the RICS Expert Witness Accreditation Service. In 2014, Gary was awarded the Advanced Professional Award for Expert Witness Evidence.
  • Quantity surveying and project management services
    • Gary gives professional construction cost advice, assesses the value of building work carried out, and assesses the value of incomplete or defective work. He also acts extensively for developers and landowners advising on construction costs in connection with viability appraisals and planning economic viability assessments to accompany planning applications. Gary is Fellow 63034 of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
  • Dispute Resolution and Expert Determination
    • Gary works in all arenas of construction and building dispute resolution. He has acted for clients involved in arbitration, adjudication and mediation as well as resolving disputes informally directly between disputing parties. Gary is qualified to act as an expert determiner. An expert determination is a dispute resolution process agreed by the parties that is informal but binding. Gary is Member E10019 of The Academy of Experts Register of Qualified Expert Determiners.

If you are involved in a building or construction dispute and you need an expert witness quantity surveyor or an expert adviser, then call Gary on 07989 503707 or email Gary on

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