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We provide the following construction expert witness services and quantity surveying expert services, comprising party appointed expert services, single joint expert services, and construction expert adviser services:

1)    Party Appointed Expert Services

The traditional type of construction expert witness used in Common Law jurisdictions is the party appointed expert.

Working on behalf of one party, ExpertQS prepares clear, concise and comprehensive reports, assisting the Court, as construction expert witness, on matters within our specialism of building construction quantum and cost. Our expert reports are based on The Academy of Experts’ Model Form of Expert’s Report.

We follow The Academy of Experts’ Code of Practice for Experts, the RICS By-laws and Ethical Standards, and the Civil Procedure Rules CPR 35. As a party appointed expert witness, our duty to the Court is the overriding obligation.

 2)    Single Joint Expert Services

The Court has, in certain circumstances, the ability to order that evidence can only be given by a single joint construction expert witness. The order requires the parties to jointly appoint the single joint expert, he is not appointed by the Court although he has an overriding duty to the Court.

As for a party appointed expert, we follow The Academy of Experts’ Code of Practice for Experts, the RICS By-laws and Ethical Standards, and the Civil Procedure Rules CPR 35.

In appropriate cases the single joint expert undoubtedly saves Court time and reduces the cost of expert witnesses in a case. It should not be forgotten that where there is a single joint expert the parties will often need the assistance of a construction expert adviser in the preparation of their case as they would otherwise be denied expert advice and input.

 3)    Construction Expert Adviser Services

ExpertQS may be involved in any or all aspects of a dispute, such as the identification of the matters in dispute, the initial advice on the soundness of a party’s case, and assistance in the preparation of a case.

We work with the legal team and give advice before the dispute formalises. This can be of great assistance in helping to decide the likelihood of success, before embarking upon a costly action.

By carefully examining and weighing up all the technical evidence ExpertQS can express an expert’s opinion and the likely opposition views to enable the parties and their advisers to obtain a balanced view of the dispute.

We use The Academy of Experts’ Model Terms of Engagement for Party Appointed Experts, Single Joint Experts, and Expert Advisers.

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