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ExpertQS is a dispute resolution company and works in all areas of building dispute resolution and construction dispute resolution. Please call Gary on 015394 43009 or 07989 503707. You can email Gary on for impartial advice about your building dispute or construction dispute

We are a dispute resolution company and we offer Expert Determination services.

Independent Expert Determination is a dispute resolution process whereby an independent Expert in the subject matter of the dispute, is appointed by the parties to resolve the matter. The Expert’s decision is, by prior agreement of the parties, legally binding on them. Like all alternative building and construction dispute resolution processes, it is entirely confidential.

Expert Determination is ideally suited to disputes which are primarily dependant on technical issues, such as building and construction cost and quantum disputes. Because of its flexibility, Expert Determination is often preferred for multi-party disputes.

The Expert Determiner’s decision is legally binding. There is only a very limited basis to challenge the Expert Determiner’s determination. It is therefore important that the parties select an Expert with both relevant expertise and experience in addition to knowledge of the Expert Determination process.

The Academy of Experts has a wide ranging list of members who are experienced in their own fields and are trained in the skills and techniques required by an Expert Determiner to resolve disputes. The Academy trains experts in the practicalities of being an Expert Determiner. If requested, The Academy can appoint the Expert Determiner or a dispute resolution company.

Expert Determination may already be a provision in your contract. If not, the first step is to agree with the other parties to use the Expert Determination process, preferably using The Academy’s standard set of Rules and Procedures. Similarly you will need to agree the terms of the Expert Determiner’s appointment.

Costs of the Expert Determination will vary depending on the complexities of the matter, but are directly related to the decisions of the parties. The Academy’s appointment fee, together with the Expert Determiner’s charges and costs, will be known in advance. Other costs will vary depending on the extent of the written and other evidence the parties choose to submit. It is usual for the parties to share the costs equally.

Expert Determination takes much less time than arbitration, litigation, or other forms of building dispute resolution and construction dispute resolution. The timetable varies depending on the number of parties involved and the complexity of the dispute. The Academy’s Rules incorporate a suggested timetable.

If you have dispute that would be suitable for Expert Determination then please contact Gary on 015394 43009 or 07989 503707. You can email him on

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