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Avoiding Building Disputes

A successful building project has costs under control, good quality, and the job finishes on time. This normally leads to the parties parting on good terms. An unsuccessful project has escalating costs, poor quality, and time delays. This can lead to the parties falling out. The common factors affecting the outcome of a building project [...]

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Expert Determination

Expert Determination is a dispute resolution process whereby an independent Expert in the subject matter of the dispute, is appointed by the parties to resolve the matter. The Expert’s decision is, by prior agreement of the parties, legally binding on the parties. Like all construction dispute resolution processes, other than litigation, it is entirely confidential. [...]

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Taking the stress out of project management

The road to a new building project can be an exciting one and is often the result of a long-term dream. But if things go wrong, there’s always the chance it could turn into a nightmare. This can be avoided, however, so long as you approach the project carefully and employ well-qualified design and cost [...]

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