Case Study 3


The Conflict Mr Z wanted to purchase a house and, on the insistence of his lending bank, commissioned a homebuyer’s survey of the property. The surveyor visited the property and made a statement in his report that there were no structural defects, although he noted that the roof slates required some attention. On the basis [...]

Case Study 2


The Conflict Mr and Mrs Y commissioned a large house extension. Part of the works involved building a garage, which was cut into an adjacent field. They engaged an architect to design the project and oversee the building works, ensuring that it was built to his specification. The architect’s design included the waterproofing of the [...]

Case Study 1


The Conflict Mr and Mrs X bought a farmhouse with a view to extending and refurbishing it. They contracted a local builder, who had been recommended to them by their architect, and the builder gave them a cost estimate based on the architect’s drawings. As the work on site progressed, the builder requested monthly payments [...]